Why Mass Effect 3’s Ending Doesn’t Need Changing (SPOILERS)

Kate Cox, Kotaku- "If you died tomorrow, if some kind of disaster struck and removed you entirely from the world, would the choices you'd made with your life to date matter?

Would it matter what you had accomplished? Who you had loved? If you had saved another's life? Would your life's work have meaning? Would there not be at least a single day in the course of your years that managed to have repercussions beyond the limits of your own knowledge and time?

I know very, very few people who would say, "no, none of it matters." It's a nihilistic and bleak point of view to maintain, that the inevitability of the final conclusion — for indeed, we are all mortal — overrides the importance of what one does along the journey. To be human is inevitably to face death. The moments we live for, before the end comes, are what define us. So, too, for the life and times of Commander Shepard."

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wallis2443d ago

I appreciate the artistic sentiment but it doesn't change the plot holes. If mass effect 3 had ended in some sort of halo reach style hold off against an endless army until you inevitably die it would still represent a beautiful ending to the series that fitted the whole series' theme of fighting against the odds. I'm not at odds with nihilism I'm at odds with the delivery. I don't want to go too far into plot points because of spoilers but the point still remains that there was no need to make our decisions so utterly arbitrary. Their effect could have been conveyed in numerous ways without breaking nihilism.

Xof2443d ago

Right, becuase the LAST thing a series that defined itself by letting the players make choices needs is an ending that reflects any of those choices.

The even be considered ACCEPTABLE, Mass Effect 3's ending required an epilogue--to let us know how our actions effected the people and galaxy after the credits rolled. This is not "excess." This is the standard for RPG epics--a standard that BIOWARE set. Without this basic, essential element, Mass Effect 3's ending is and always will be UNACCEPTABLE.

da_2pacalypse2443d ago

Bioware???? I've heard of those brave souls... they tried to go head on against EA.... they became corrupt and exchanged their souls for rings which brought them power and wealth without question. As it turned out, EA had the one ring to rule them all... :(

ljh2172443d ago

I disagree. I feel like the ending I chose was right for my Shepard.

There could be better endings undoubtly, but there could be worse ones as well.

palaeomerus2443d ago

I thought it was kind of a Matrix 3 sort of ending. Inadequate and confusing but nominally closing things out...sort of.

--Onilink--2443d ago

quite the opposite for me, it gave me no closure whatsoever.. i wanted to see how my actions would affect the people i met after the war, i wanted to see what happened to the alliances i forged during ME3 and above all i wanted a good ending for my Sheppard and Miranda

EditorAtGNG2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

I liked the Dragon Age: Origins ending which kinda resembled the one we saw in Mass Effect 3... with one difference: although my character died, there was closure. Everything didn't end with some philosophical bullshit, convergence and whatnot (which is as you know SOOOO unique). There was meaning to each end, each character and a prelude to the future... Mass Effect 3 haven't provided anything along those lines... just scraped everything up till the last 10 minutes and left the players hanging with their decisions mattering for pretty much, nothing.

I can't find myself playing the game again with a different character since I know there will be no point. I want to at least have the illusion of closure, that my decisions had some weight... not, this.

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