PSF Review: Unit 13 "The first good shooter for the Vita"

PSFocus writes: Zipper Interactive is known for the military shooters, such as the SOCOM series, but now they released Unit 13. A shooter full with different challenges to keep you playing for a long time. The first good shooter for the PlayStation Vita is here.

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ninjahunter2439d ago

Can anyone inform me how the joysticks feel in this game, or in general? As in are they very sensitive and responsive? I would like to get this game when i buy a Vita, but im not certain how well the right joystick works in comparison to a home console.

Kohven2439d ago

When you get the vita just download the demo. I thought it felt just right, but thats just me. I ended up changing the sensitivity to the highest and it played really well.

murkster-dubez2438d ago

Works perfectly, controls better than uncharted on ps vita much tighter.

suicidalblues2438d ago

Agreed. It feels very similar to SOCOM controls, the turn style, etc.

And as far as the sticks feeling like there console cousins - I don't think a better job could've been done.

Ultr2438d ago

Hei, I really did not expec anything from this game when I downloaded the demo... AND WOW the shooting feels really really great, better than in Uncharted!! everything is fine with the controls, the graphics are great, the gameplay is smooth, this game is also HUGE!
I can totally recommend it to you!
I bought it first day, and its perfect on the go, you never run out of missions! great great great vita game!

videoxgamexfanboy2438d ago

the best vita game out imo. controls just as good as the socom games on consoles.

josephayal2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Actually, after reading several other reviews and watching some videos Unit 13 reminds me of Metal Gear Peace Walker crossed with Counter Strike. So I'm going to give it a go and check it out......I hope UNIT 13 comes out on the NINTENDO 3DS

suicidalblues2438d ago

Its already out on 3DS. Send me your PayPal info and social security number and ill rush you my copy.


gtxgamer22436d ago

Lmao, PsVITA exclusive. will never ever come to 3ds. you cant even dream on it cause it wont ever happen.

TheDivine2438d ago

The game is def addictive. It looks and plays very well, headshots feel awesome. My only gripes are that theres only about 6 or 7 levels in the whole game and it feels like the mp or campaign is missing. Whats there freakin rocks but it feels like its the bonus mode from the campaign it doesn't have. Mp wouldve made it legendary but as it is its still fun and co-op is really great. The scoring is fun and leveling adds some depth also. Despite my gripes its still a must for any tps, stealth, or zipper fan.

Oh the mic is awesome, turns on on its own when online. Laggy as shit but its so damn cool to have automatic voice chat on a handheld!