PSF Review: Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus "A disgrace to the franchise"

PSFocus writes: Another release for Ninja Gaiden Sigma and this time it's for the PlayStation Vita. Unfortunately the game doesn't play well on the handheld. It's suffers from a bad and annoying camera. The dreadfull savepoints don't help either. Read the review to know why you should avoid this disgrace to the franchise.

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SandwichHammock2441d ago

This is my first time playing this game, on the PSV, so I'm not sure about this. But when it comes to save points, wasn't it like this in the console versions?

The one thing that irks me is that it does not have the Japanese audio track, as the US one is atrocious in my opinion, especially that tutorial ninja girl that keeps tossing notes all over.

The saving grace is the combat, which I think is absolutely fantastic.

Hicken2441d ago

Haven't touched it, so I wouldn't know, but a 50 seems to be the lowest score thus far; usually, the highest and lowest scores can be a little suspect, so I'm curious.

Plus, instead of being atrocious, a 50 indicates it was average; yet more indication that reviewers don't know what the hell it is they're doing with the score.

hkgamer2441d ago

Yeah, it seems that most/every reviewers score games between 5-10 or 50-100 instead of 0-10.

But in this case, from what i gather from the reviewer and google translate, it seems to have valid points why it was scored 50/100.