Did Mass Effect 3 Really Deserve All Those 10/10 Review Scores?

A reasoned look at why the answer is "no."

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ninjahunter2468d ago

Probably not, but at the same time it deserves all the 0/10 scores even less.

Zeixama2467d ago

No . Mass Effect overall story,narration,character building and development are perfect but gameplay is not above of the league . Probably the reviews are charmed by dat ass , daaaaat asssss !

EVILDEAD3602466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

Absolutely YES..all I've spent this weekend in gaming heaven. It's amazing that some fan bloggers still g out of their way to whine about good reviews from games they arent fans of.

Mass Effect 3 is simply the most immersive science fiction world in ANY gen. It blends gameplay and movie cinematics with such smooth precision that it takes he immersion to another level.

All weve seen in the last couple of weeks is by far the dumbest smear campaign on a game in recent history.

REAL fans of Mass Effect 3 are experiencing what is hands down one of the best gaming series of ALL time.

I'm 25 hours in and hate that I have to put the controller down when I do.

I thought Gears 3 got the trilogy done right, but wow ME3 has so many EPIC moments throughout that the only game touching it right now is Skyrim.


Solid_Snake372466d ago

Bioware will not get off the hook easily for lying to their fans about the on disc dlc

Wuu2466d ago

Game was not finished and rushed out. Not even close to Mass Effect 2 level. I think its really great game, but it's not good on Mass Effect level.

Philoctetes2466d ago

Agreed. It definitely doesn't deserve a 10, if for no other reason than the fact that the story was deliberately cut down to make room for day one DLC. In addition, the gameplay is predictable and repetitive. It's still a good game overall, but 9/10 is about right.

GraveLord2466d ago

It didn't deserve 0/10 either but it's the only way to get people's attention apparently.

Thatguy-3102466d ago

This is the Uncharted of 2012.

Diver2466d ago

how so? uncharted was/is a great game. when it launched in the same season as heavenly sword opponents went out of their way to downplay both games as much as possible. uncharted never got the high scores it deserved.

STONEY42466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

Mass Effect 3 is an amazing game, but everyone has a negative view on it due to the 1000 ending articles and Day 1 DLC controversy. Tuchanka, Rannoch, Thessia... it seriously has some of the most epic and tense moments in any game I've played. The RPG customization is much deeper than ME2, gameplay is less clunky, everything was just improved.

I should finish it by tonight, just passed the point of no return, so I'll see if the last 5 minutes are as bad as everyone says, since the consensus seems to be that the buildup to the end is amazing until the last 5 minutes.

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Nate-Dog2468d ago

The subjectivity of opinions say "hello". Besides considering the fact that almost every reviewer these days gives out 9 and 10s very easily means it's not that big of a surprise.

tdogchristy902468d ago

I agree, too many anymore see there opinion as fact. It's all subject to the individual.

hay2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

Acutally reviewing mags have usually contracts with game distributors which say that review score cannot be lower than specific number, or else no more review copies. Have seen few documents like those personally.
In case of ME3 I expect no less than 90%.

I personally couldn't give it more than 6 tops at the moment.
It killed my PS3's filesystem once, had trouble importing my char, glitches and bugs are apparent everywhere, whole pre-rendered reapers gone from the cutscenes leaving white background, collision detection is terrible. That's the score without touching story and ending.

Say hello to the industry of 90% or more, "or else".

TekoIie2466d ago

Why are you playing on ps3? The interactive comic for ME2 doesn't explain everything you learn through the first game at all. Like the conversation with Vigil on Ilos...

Highlife2466d ago

Maybe he has no xbox like me. I will be playing it on PS3.

hay2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

@Pekolie: I started original ME on PC, maxed it out, transferred char to ME2, and my HDD died killing my pimped Shepard indefinitely.
My Xbox got A74, and after fixing it, RROD. So I got rid of it.
PS3 is the only machine except android tablet device I use for gaming now. And ME2 played better on PS3 than on PC, so that was logical choice to prepare for the ME3. After finishing first ME six times, there was nothing holding me back. It was a grave mistake.

Yeah, I know the interactive comic is poor.

Perjoss2466d ago

Agreed, the game review system these days are broken. There are a few mags and sites that have the balls to review games with scores of 5 and say stuff like "fans of the series should get this" which is fine, but the majority of gamers will never buy a 5. On planet games reviews a 5 is equal to a 0.

90% of review scores work on a scale of 6 to 10, with a 6 being = to "dont even think of buying this terrible, terrible game"

itsallgud2466d ago

I agree that the review system is broken. There's no way that Killzone 2.5 and Uncharted 2.5 should have gotten such high scores. This game also shouldn't have gotten 10's either.

"Xbox 360 is the BEST console EVER made." --John Carmack

humbleopinion2466d ago

This reviewer actually failed twice: once because he criticized other people's opinion instead of focusing on his on review, and the second time because he fails to realized that most of those 100/100 scores are actually from review outlets that have a 5 or 10 points system with no fractions. Review outlets using the full decimal scale usually gave the game a slightly lower score.

So when even he himself admitted that he "still found 95 percent of the game to be stellar", how come he fails to understand that this translates to a 5-star review in many outlets, which in turn translates to the highest score in Metacritic

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Chuk52468d ago

This is the divide. Opinion and fact. The divide that a lot of gamers just can't seem to understand. It's the same reasoning that informs people to believe that 10 is the same thing as perfect. Also, I find a lot of gamers don't judge a game based on any basic rubric. These reviewers look at a lot of things, including their subjectivities, what a game is billed as, and a general idea of what makes a game good (graphics, gameplay, etc). I mean, some people have called ME3 trash because of the ending. The severity of a good number of gamer opinions is exactly why it's hard to take some of them seriously.

TekoIie2466d ago

You pretty much said it how it is. Again a game can't be judged on its ending which means I assume many people didn't like halo 2 or gears 2....

Nimblest-Assassin2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

Reviews are based on opinions... just because someone elses opinion does not match with yours does not make your opinion a fact.

Right here is that line crossed when an opinion becomes idiotic... which is why I reported this article as flawed

The person gave ME3 an 88. Thats his opinion, but saying that other peoples opinions are wrong, based on the opinion you crafted is just plain idiotic

ZippyZapper2467d ago

No but still a good game.

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