PlayStation Store Preview – March 13th, 2012: Don’t Stop Believing

This weeks kicks off the month-long Spring Fever event on the PlayStation Network. The first title is the PSN-exclusive Journey from thatgamecompany, developer of past PSN-classics such as flOw and Flower. Another PSN title has you shooting many, many robots, while on the Vita side of things, you can get a dose of reality (fighters) and a chance to relive E3 2006 with some Riiiiiiiiiddgee Racer! - PSLS

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Trexman892230d ago

finally! Journey is here!

stormeagle62230d ago

Really looking forward to it!

Gaming1012230d ago

Journey has had some really critically acclaimed reviews, just about everyone who plays it seems to just love it for how different and beautiful it is. Definitely buying just to support the people who make these games.

fallacious2230d ago

Lol, look at all the disagrees from jealous Xbox fanboys. But seriously though I don't mind a game as gorgeous as Journey or flower being multiplat for more people to enjoy it. I've played Journey, it might be short but it's nothing short of amazing.

suicidalblues2230d ago

Yeah, trolls are bashin that disagree button. Maybe there aren't enough Kinect demos to make them happy.

kikizoo2230d ago

flower can't be multi ;)

"The PlayStation 3's Cell processor is put to work rendering 200,000 individual blades of grass"

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Man_Among_Mice2230d ago

Journey is awesome! Got it a week early, thank you PS Plus, and have enjoyed every second of it.

Jaces2230d ago

Same here. Was stoked when I saw the plus members got early access to the game, already beat it but I'm dying to make another run through..that game company has done it again.

Amazing game!

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dbjj120882230d ago

Cannot wait for Journey.

Nelson M2230d ago

Picture a Nelson goin on a Journey through sight and sound

Virtual_Reality2230d ago

Journey, instantly #1 on PSN.

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The story is too old to be commented.