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PlayStation Store Preview – March 13th, 2012: Don’t Stop Believing

This weeks kicks off the month-long Spring Fever event on the PlayStation Network. The first title is the PSN-exclusive Journey from thatgamecompany, developer of past PSN-classics such as flOw and Flower. Another PSN title has you shooting many, many robots, while on the Vita side of things, you can get a dose of reality (fighters) and a chance to relive E3 2006 with some Riiiiiiiiiddgee Racer! - PSLS (BioShock 2, Journey, Mass Effect 3, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Reality Fighters, Shoot Many Robots, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, Wipeout 2048)

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Trexman89  +   892d ago
finally! Journey is here!
stormeagle6  +   892d ago
Really looking forward to it!
Gaming101  +   891d ago
Journey has had some really critically acclaimed reviews, just about everyone who plays it seems to just love it for how different and beautiful it is. Definitely buying just to support the people who make these games.
fallacious  +   892d ago
Lol, look at all the disagrees from jealous Xbox fanboys. But seriously though I don't mind a game as gorgeous as Journey or flower being multiplat for more people to enjoy it. I've played Journey, it might be short but it's nothing short of amazing.
suicidalblues  +   891d ago
Yeah, trolls are bashin that disagree button. Maybe there aren't enough Kinect demos to make them happy.
kikizoo  +   891d ago
flower can't be multi ;)

"The PlayStation 3's Cell processor is put to work rendering 200,000 individual blades of grass"
Ricardo86384520   892d ago | Spam
Man_Among_Mice  +   891d ago
Journey is awesome! Got it a week early, thank you PS Plus, and have enjoyed every second of it.
Jaces  +   891d ago
Same here. Was stoked when I saw the plus members got early access to the game, already beat it but I'm dying to make another run through..that game company has done it again.

Amazing game!
dbjj12088  +   892d ago
Cannot wait for Journey.
Skateboard  +   892d ago
Hold on to that feelllling!!!
doctorstrange  +   892d ago
Streetlight people
Nelson M  +   892d ago
Picture a Nelson goin on a Journey through sight and sound
Virtual_Reality  +   892d ago
Journey, instantly #1 on PSN.
mdkgod43  +   892d ago
lookin forward to wipeout & ridgeracer demos
Sikct9a  +   891d ago
I pre ordered Journey, can't wait!
Young_ART  +   891d ago
Where's Socom 2 HD............................ .....
Dojan123  +   891d ago
I can not tell what journey is based on trailer. Is it another flower type game? While flower was nice looking, I never could get into it.
onyoursistersback  +   891d ago
ya in some way similar to flower. My cousin bet flower for me (not that i could not do it my self) but my eyes where more glued to the monitor when his when playing it, i was enjoying how much was going on around it spectating on what the story's about!!! "I love that game, even if i did not finish it!!!" will get this soon too! P.S.....i was in the Journey beta....
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kerrak  +   891d ago
There is more sense of achievement, emotional connection, no-words storetelling and captivating environment.
Minimalistic bits from ICO or Flower, and a genuinely new approach and execution of a game (very short which is a plus, online coop).
If you ask me, a masterpiece no gamer should miss.
REALgamer  +   891d ago
Hang on, there's Ridge Racer for Vita AND a demo of Ridge Racer for Vita?

How do you make a demo of a game with 3 tracks and five cars?!
MasterCornholio  +   891d ago
Easy just make the demo one track and one car like the Wipeout one. But i do agree with you that the game sucks due to it containing very little content.

Off topic: Lunar Silver Star Harmony looks amazing on the Vta. I will probably pick up FF4 collection after beating this game.

Braid  +   891d ago
Where the hell is I Am Alive? It's been two updates now and the game's still missing, thus there is no information regarding when it'll be available on the PSN. It just says "coming soon" and a spesific date is unknown. Will it be the next update? It started to get on my nerves, really. If it's not coming out next week, I'm not gonna wait for it anymore.

Do your math carefully before you release something for Christ's sake, it'll be three weeks after the XBLA release if it's indeed supposed to be added to the store with the next week's update.
Sokol  +   891d ago
Journey looks amazing, will definitely pick it up.
JeepGamer  +   891d ago
"Time Machine: Rouge Pilot"


R-O-G-U-E find out how to spell it for me.
MizTv  +   891d ago
when is kz1 going to come out on psn i want to play it so bad
shadow2797  +   891d ago
I'm pretty sure that was axed. Sorry.
Young_ART  +   891d ago
If they were to make that game available for download, as is, it wouldn't be a good look as that game is broken is so many ways. That game needs not an "HD upscale", but a complete over haul. Trust that you aren't missing much having not play that game. And this is coming from someone who spent a large amount of time in the games multiplayer.

(It's not a bad game, it's just so obvious it was rushed. Back then there was no "patching" after release,)

If it's the story you're concerned about, Youtube has every cutscene and playthrough for this game.
DarthBigE  +   891d ago
Is Cod 4 full of hackers like mw2 is?
If not i would like to get it

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