BioWare And EA Respond To DLC Controversy

The Story So Far

1. Anger at BioWare has been heating up ever since the EA acquisition. Fans began to see a change in not just the quality of the games being produced, but in the new company culture and attitude toward gamers. This led to an unfortunate episode of anger and vitriol directed at one of BioWare’s writers, Jennifer Hepler, who became something of an avatar of resentment for angry fan

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Ashunderfire862440d ago

DLC is part of it, but people are mostly complaining about the ending. They should do what Bethesda did with Fallout 3, add more to the ending. Make it free of charge.

LOGICWINS2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Free of charge? It's possible. Maybe Bioware knew people were pissed about "From the Ashes", so they cut out the REAL ending, and are going to patch it in for free in the future so they can make it SEEM like they did it because gamers asked for it...thus putting themselves back in the favor of gamers.

OR they can charge for it, knowing full well that most of the people who bought the game in its first week will buy the REAL ending.

Either way, Bioware and EA have won once again.

Solid_Snake372439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

See there's a pattern to Bioware games now:

DA: Origins= Perfect all around rpg game
DA II= A rushed dumbed down POS
ME= Great RPG
ME2= A good dumbed down 3rd person shooter with rpg elements
ME3= ...? Crappy endings and an ok 3rd person shooter

Smkt2439d ago

me3 might be getting heat for the shit endings and the dlc scam but the gameplay is pretty solid. more refined than me2 imo.

basically this is just me2.5 with somewhat better combat gameplay and multiplayer.

ovhaum2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

--> DA II= A rushed dumbed down POS

I completely agree with your opinion on DA:O, ME, ME2, and im planing to get DA2, thats why a cant ignore your opinion on DA2... maybe you didn't play DA2 enough... or... ... dammit.

Solid_Snake372438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )


Believe me i did... I beat DA2 with all classes and i got about 50 hours on it

jay22439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

The problem is YOU GUYS WHO BUY DLC, Devs see they can GET AWAY with this poo. you're prepared to spend money on DLC, so more's done. You're fine spending £15 more on COD, ok let's make people PAY FOR TWO GAMES TO PLAY ONE GAME! So yeah, if you pay for DLC and paid for COD's Elite services, blame yourselves for this bargain-basement tactics.

N311V2439d ago

The problem with this DLC is that there is no justification for it. They're not trying to recoup revenue lost to the used games market else it would have been included with every new copy, not just the collectors edition. It doesn't extend the life of the game as most people will either buy it from the start or miss out. This plan was conceived long before the game was complete. I speculate that EA saw what Warner Brothers did with the Catwomen DLC and liked the idea. However, they took it a step too far when they decided to cut out an important part of the game and charge virtually EVERYONE for it. In my mind this is dispicable! I don't normally buy games second hand but if a publisher tries this again no way will they get my money, I'll buy they're game used and the publisher will see no more than my ten bucks for their shitty DLC.

P.S. I bought the collectors edition so I have the Prothean DLC, makes me even more angry that many people will have to pay extra to play it or miss out on a lot of important lore. Saddens me.

Ashunderfire862439d ago

Shoot this was even before the catwoman DLC it's like the Day one DLC from Mass Effect 2 Zaeed.

tiffac0082438d ago

Devs and publishers should really avoid Day 1 DLCs, there is just no justification for it.

They should have planned this DLC for release like in a month or so and no one would really be mad at it.