Unfortunately Underrated Games: Tales of Symphonia

A writer from the One More Level gaming blog muses on GameCube's classic JRPG, Tales of Symphonia.

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SaiyanFury1869d ago

Not only did I buy the game on day one and still own it, this game was the very reason I bought a GameCube. I do own quite a few other games on the system, but Tales was awesome.

1869d ago
Infernostew1869d ago

I loved this game on gamecube. Really wished they brought over the ps2 version as well. All the extra stuff would have been cool. Namco should really give the Tales of series more respect. (I know namco isn't the reason why ToS ps2 was not released in the US).

Rageanitus1869d ago

I got bored of this game, I think it was one of the last games I got on my cube.

HacSawJimThugin1869d ago

One of my favorite games period. Wish the would bring more to the 360.

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