BioWare’s Missteps with DLC, Endings, and its Fanbase

Andreas Asimakis writes, "March 11th will go down for BioWare’s PR department as disastrous as the day the Reaper’s invaded Earth."

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MrGunny942466d ago

Bioware got problems with sequels we all know it.. and being published by EA just make things worst.

ninjahunter2466d ago

But none of this could prepare me for Tali'zora vas Normandy.

beastlysensation2465d ago

i have faith in the game once i found out about the ending being an indoctrination by the reapers. Bioware changed the script due to the leaked ending beta a while ago, and we may get the actual ending as dlc, the one about dark energy and the reapers, while still a shitty move if this was biowares intentions from the beginning with this ending, then they are nothing short of geniuses, but i doubt they are this smart. I hope they go with the indoctrination theory, otherwise, the ending would suck ass.

--Onilink--2465d ago

yeah, right now my only hope is the halucination/indoctrination theory (which actually makes a lot of sense) because otherwise i have no idea what the hell happened to Bioware in the last 5min....

Everything else in the game was so great, seeing how all your past actions were having a tangible effect on the world, even little emails that showed you what happened with certain characters because of what you did... and for everything to take such a wrong turn in the last 5min... i dont know, it really doesnt feel right