Gaming Precision - We Want Jade Empire 2

Following the success and anticipation generated from their recent games, most notably Mass Effect 3, we’d love to see some of their Xbox “classics” resurface with a facelift. In simple terms, we want Jade Empire 2. If any company can breathe new life into an aged title, it would be Bioware.

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NYC_Gamer1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

No,Bioware would just dumb it down and take away rpg elements / charge extra for story plots.

Nac1930d ago

God I LOVE Jade Empire!!

R1CAN6171930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Jade Empire was one hell of a RPG it'd be nice to see a a Jade Empire 2.

ironcreed1930d ago

I would love it as well, but with today's BioWare there would no doubt be day 1 DLC characters that are already locked on the disk and it would probably have the ending cut off into some vague as hell cliffhanger, only to be sold to us later as more DLC.

turgore1929d ago

Hey, better than nothing.

gypsygib1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

And they would just copy some very simplified but popular hack n' slash gameplay formula instead of crafting their own.

gypsygib1929d ago

I'd much prefer KOTOR 3 but Jade was also excellent. I think Bioware was more talented back then for some reason. Things just seem off after since ME1 released - the stories don't draw me into the world nearly as much.

It's probably just coincidence but after EA acquired them, their story telling has been lacking.

Captain Qwark 91929d ago

i disagree. the mass effect universe is amazing and so was dao.

i do however agree on kotor 3 though, i dont know why they abandoned that after just 1 title ( not including the mmo ). but id also love to see another jade empire. i just love bioware personally, ive loved everything they have done except the turd da2