Wikia passes IGN to become the largest gaming site on the web

VentureBeat- What happens when you combine the Wiki model of open, collaborative editing with just a pinch of old school oversight? In the case of Wikia, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales for-profit company, you get the largest gaming site in the world, with 26 million monthly unique views on the Wikia video games hub last month, moving ahead of IGN and Gamespot for the first time ever. These numbers come from Comscore data which compares the network of gaming sites run by Wikia and IGN.

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Yi-Long2438d ago

... while sites like IGN have mostly gone straight downhill the last few years.

Megaman_nerd2438d ago

I pity the people who actually take IGN seriously now. They used to be one of the best but not anymore. IGN is now 85% flamebait, 5% news (which half of it are just rumors and speculations) and 10% game reviews (and not even that well written).

pangitkqb2438d ago

Wow. Ill hvae to check it out.

WooHooAlex2438d ago

My time spent on other gaming sites has at least been cut in half since I discovered N4G. That doesn't have really anything to do with this article, just thought I'd mention it.

KeybladeMaster2438d ago

Same here. I mostly just go to n4g, khinsider and gameinformer every now and then.

brettyd2438d ago

Never heard of it, odd.

Crystallis2438d ago

Same, maybe I'll check it out later this week.

BrianC62342438d ago

Is this just an ad to get people to go to Wikia? I never heard of them and it looks like I'm not the only one. If they're so big all gamers should know about them.

Megaman_nerd2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Then my friend, I think you too been living under a rock!! Seriously, you have never heard of wikia? Like, are you really being serious? That's like saying that you have never heard of Youtube or reddit. XD

Every time you look for anything related to video games or anime and stuff like that on google wikia is "ALWAYS" one of the firsts results.

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