Joystiq- Street Fighter X Tekken Review: The Pandorica opens

Joystiq- Aside from annual increments, each Capcom fighter is distinctly different from its siblings: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Super Street Fighter 4 are wildly disparate experiences, for instance, as were Street Fighter: Third Strike and Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

That trend of differentiation and innovation continues with Street Fighter X Tekken, but the ingenuity of the game's excellent fighting engine is muddied by its unpolished, poorly designed and shoddily implemented framework. Think of it as the console port of an arcade game that never existed; an uninspired checklist of prerequisite features tacked on to an otherwise solid fighting experience, with predictably underwhelming results.

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-Mika-2466d ago

A 3/5. Seriously? The problem he complained about were minor. If sound cutting off bothers you so much then i honestly don't know what to say. I personally be too caught up in the match to even realize it.

Capcom made this a great and fun online game. Teaming up with a friend and fighting other people is great. Scramble mode is chaotic and fun. This is the best fighting game so far this year and giving it a 3/5 is laughable. This is why i don't take joystiq as a serious website.

ScytheX32466d ago

best fighter this year? LOL its the ONLY fighting game this year..... well other than SC5 which hasnt ever really had a competive playing crowd, usually dies off after the 1st EVO.

MANGLORD2466d ago

I'm calling it. TTT2 will be best fighter of year and the year after that, pretty much until another tekken is released. )

FriedGoat2466d ago

I have a friend who can't stand the sound cutting out. When you play high level you judge quite a lot by sound and it can stop combos and all sorts.

ScytheX32466d ago

indeed, throws me off since i rely alot on the sound and knowing if i get hit confirms and such, sometimes i wont hear a sound n ill stop a combo to block or figure something out only to really realize it did hit after all -_- sure itll be patched but matter of when. personally my opinion for best fighting game around is KOFXIII, game is solid as hell aside from the early netcode issues but those have been fixed already, raw skill fighting game no boosted crap and xfactor nonsense going on there.

MANGLORD2466d ago

Sound cutting is inexcusable. Capcom sold its consumers a defective product. Good game, fun but it has problems. This needs to be fixed!