30 Years of Mario [Infographic]

Mario has been with us since 1981. He has a very complex history of running through pipelines, riding creatures that hatch from eggs, even throwing fire balls and don’t get me wrong, a lot more between. Here’s your complete guide

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smurfz2442d ago

That's crazy! Over 30 years of awesomeness.

StraightPath2442d ago

wow Mario is older then me..and even after 30 years Mario truimps games with awesome fun gameplay.


Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 are the highest rated EXCLUSIVE this generation. The recently Mario Land 3DS is great too.

CatSanderson2442d ago

I can't believe its really been that long

cb8102442d ago

wow, 30 years huh? That is older than a lot of gamers...

hellvaguy2442d ago

He will always have a special place in my heart like Seseame Street, and other things I outgrew decades ago. Neat to see my kids starting to like Marios now.

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