GameInformer- Tales Of Graces F Review: A Story Of Friendship And JRPG Clichés

Kyle Hilliard, GameInformer- "Like many Japanese RPGs, Tales of Grace f takes 10-15 hours before it starts getting good. It moves slowly and never reaches a level of pacing beyond walking from point A to B. I found myself snapping my fingers at the screen telling these people to move it along while they explained the meaning of friendship and how much they care about each other with melodramatic dialogue. I like these characters, and I can sympathize with their plight, but there is never a sense of urgency in their mission.

There is something here for you if you’re willing to stick it out, but you have to commit without rolling your eyes at all the melodrama to truly appreciate it."

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Tuxedo_Mask2440d ago

Why is it when a "JRPG" comes out reviewers consistently point out the cliches, yet the cliches in Mass Effect, Uncharted, Gears of War, God of War, and the many generic shooters are never even mentioned? Cliches exist in every game, and if Mr. Hilliard really does snap his fingers at his television he may want to get out more.

360GamerFG2440d ago

Really? Never mentioned? Come on, are you for real?

Infernostew2440d ago

This magazine is clueless when it comes to reviewing JRPGs. They're pretty critical on anything not named Final Fantay. They also gave Blue Dragon a 9 which was their highest score this gen for a JRPG besides FF13. I haven't really seen too many of their scores besides the ones online here and there since I never go bargain hunting for ps2 games there so the discount card is useless to me.
Anyway, don't let this score desceive you as a potential buyer. I hear this is one of the best Tales games so you should try to support the series if you're interested.

dragonknight42440d ago

People need to realize that it took a lot of protesting by RPG and Tales fans to get this game released here in the west. I would say it is the PS3 equivalent of Operation Rainfall. Also remember that a western release of Tales of Xillia is still undecided at this point and will depend on sales of Tales of Graces f. It doesn't help that these reviewers for the western media are giving it deflated scores while they give free passes to ME3 with 9.5s and 10s. Tales of Graces f does not deserve a 7.75, it deserves higher than that.