MSXB - Operation Raccoon City interview video

Mike Jones talks about the Xbox 360 exclusive Nemesis mode as well as other features from the soon to be released game.

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Gearshead752472d ago

This game started out as "just another RE game" for me, but the more I read and videos I watch my interest keeps rising. I'm looking forward to playing through this multiple times with friends. Jones has me drooling over the possibilites.

RaidensRising2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

Im liking the look of this game too. Not so fussed over the exclusive Nemesis mode but it sounds like there's a lot on offer for a RE fan.

bunt-custardly2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

If it infects my Xbox disc tray, it'll be down to the allure of co-op play. I want to avoid this game actually, as I've a backlog of games that I've either yet to play, or just need to mop-op on.

The fact that I've spent max. 30 mins playing Capcom's Lost Planet 2, which besides the massive boss encounters, is a fairly similar games to RE: ORC in terms of the style of action combat and co-op play. If I can at least get through that before RE: ORC's release date, then I'll certainly pick it up. Should at elast whet one's appetite until RE6.