DualShockers Preview | GDC 2012 Hands-On Impressions: Sleeping Dogs

Alexa Ray Corriea of DualShockers writes: "Sleeping Dogs has been jokingly referred to as “GTA Lite,” a statement with which I both do and do not agree. I agree in that the gameplay is similar at its core — third-person over-the-the-shoulder POV with snarling fisticuffs being the preferred method of defense while on foot, and of course the ability to hop in various vehicles and take them for a (rather destructive, in my case) spin. But what sets Sleeping Dogs apart is that its open-world vision of Hong Kong is truly gorgeous — and from what I hear, spot-on accurate. The production team spent time in the city, the real deal, in order to get things right — and get things right they have."

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