Death to the non-interactive cutscene, say top game writers

In Gamasutra's latest feature, several venerable game writers discuss the slow-but-steady erosion of passive, non-interactive cutscenes, and why game stories should be more like plays instead of musicals or films.

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chanmasta2439d ago

I have no problem watching cut-scenes if I'm playing a single-player game, but watching long-ass cut-scenes where you can't move during a co-op or multi-player game annoys the hell out of me.

R1CAN6172439d ago

Theres nothing wrong with a game that has non interactive cut scenes so long as there good

MysticStrummer2439d ago

Guess what, game writers? If you write an interesting story with interesting characters, people won't have a problem watching cutscenes to advance the plot. I love scripted events but I don't mind long and frequent Metal Gear style cutscenes either. Both need to be well done for them to work. The same goes for Half Life style rides/walks on rails where you can look around and take in the setting but keep moving forward. The best kind of storytelling would probably combine all of these, along with some cutscenes that include QTEs. Different scenes call for different methods, and that also keeps one method from feeling stale halfway (or less) through the game from overuse.The bottom line is... give us better stories.

klecser2438d ago

Well said. When I read the title I thought: "So, you're going to replace them with cutscenes with one of three button press choices and somehow consider that unbelievably more sophisticated?"

Game writers are not good story tellers. Changing how cut scenes work isn't going to improve the stories in games. Its a band aid solution to a bleeding artery.

Kran2439d ago

I dont mind them at all. Gives me a chance to sit back, relax, take a drink before going into heart pounding action again.

I dont mind any sort of cutscene. I mean Uncharted: Golden Abyss' was pretty cool, as if you ever saw a glint, you'd tap on it and you'd find an emerald or jade. :P

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The story is too old to be commented.