Guild Wars 2 Beta Invites Going Out

VGR: 1 million players signed up for a chance to participate in upcoming Guild Wars 2 beta events.They will be sending confirmations out shortly to those who have been lucky enough to gain access.

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FlashXIII2441d ago

Hope I get in.. can't wait for this game!

solar2441d ago

I forgot to sign up :( here's hoping to you getting in!!

maawdawg2440d ago

I hope I get in too but considering they got over a million signups and are looking for "tens of thousands" of testers I am not holding my breath.

beastlysensation2441d ago

is the thank you video a nice way of saying you werent chosen for the beta?

Tr10wn2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

that was sent to everyone lol there is still hope.

who sign up*

FlashXIII2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

Nope its nothing more than a cheap way to get facebook likes. that's the video if anyone is interested.

If it wasn't meant as that, why didn't they just upload it to youtube instead of sticking it on their facebook and saying "like us to watch it"? Loads of developers are doing this now.. it's cheap effective marketing.

JohnnyMann4202441d ago

Oh be quiet its not meant as that. People that like GW2 info have already liked that page.

Also this article is bs.

It's just the same gw2 notice from this morning. Beta will go out at some point but they are not going out now as the title suggests.