THQ Suffered Lowest Stock Week To Date has to report some lesser news from publisher THQ. While everyone was being blown away by all the goodies at GDC 2012, the troubled publisher of games like Darksiders and Saints Row has sailed through its lowest point in the stock market yet. It has to climb back up or get delisted.

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NovusTerminus2441d ago


Come one! Just last until DS2, I want to play Devil's Third!

Daavpuke2441d ago

Well, the release date for DS2 is set after the ultimatum, but I doubt THQ would have to dissolve in the few days between it or the ramp up towards there. At least, I very much hope it doesn't. Delisting doesn't mean going out of business per se, but it does however strike quite the financial blow. For more on that, check what Atari or Majesco had to go through with similar issues.

Plus, Darksiders is now part of their 'core games' plan, so my optimistic guess would be that they'll try to profit from that title at all cost, even if it means downsizing even more elsewhere.

Dlacy13g2441d ago

This saddens me so much. THQ was one publisher that seemed to be really turning things around. They have a few really good IP's and I would even call a few of them great. I fear we are going to see a repeat of Midway all over again with them. You can almost feel the vultures circling...

DeadlyFire2440d ago

E3 2012 we could see another publisher claim THQ as their own. I personally wouldn't mind. Although it did seem like THQ has started in the right direction with 2012 games.

Midway went down bad. Got bought for 100,000 bucks and auctioned off for Millions. Lucky guy that bought it made some quick cash with that.

specialguest2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

Last Friday was the best time to buy THQ stock for a quick profit.

Colonel_Dante2441d ago

THQ ... you wont have different results if you keep doing the same thing.

slavish2441d ago

exactly. isn't that the definition of insanity!!!!!!!!!