PC PowerPlay Review: Mass Effect 3

PC PowerPlay: Mass Effect 3 is the worst possible entry point for the series. EA and BioWare want us to tell you otherwise, but they’re nuts. This is a conclusion to a trilogy, through and through. Those coming into the series now will have little grasp of the significance of cataclysmic events that take place, nor will they really care. Though this may be the beginning of the galactic war against the Reapers, the relationships between the state of galactic politics, inter-species conflicts and the roles of significant characters reach critical mass. You need to be invested in that fiction to get the most out of Mass Effect 3, because this game is all about the payoff.

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nutcrackr2466d ago

Pretty good review, covers quite a lot of stuff

sly-Famous2466d ago

This is just an opinion so dont get all crazy but for me ME3 was just whole lot of "more of the same".