Does it Pay to be Elite?

It's four months since Call of Duty Elite launched in tandem with Modern Warfare 3, and things have changed. For the uninitiated, Elite is best described as a niche online network – it just so happens that the niche is massive. It's a collection of stats, information, video and social features designed to keep COD players immersed in its online experience - for a price.

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The_Kills2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

Not for PS3 players.. Still a month wait after 360 makes a PS3 players' money worth less even though the same amount is charged.

Soldierone2442d ago

I've had several friends attempt to cancel it and get their money back because of that.

Doesn't matter what console you are a fan of, there is no denying this was a messed up move by Activision....

TopDudeMan2442d ago

It seemed like a good idea when I bought the hardened edition, but I had no idea I would have so many games to play this time of year.

ShadowKingx2442d ago

yeah its crazy how they are treating the elite subscribers and i will not be renewing it after my years is up. i mean its stupid yeah you get all the DLC for free but it no fun anymore because to even play the maps you have to go onto a separate playlist because your friends who don’t have cannot play it and the fucked up thing is that they won’t even release any of the maps until after all the maps are released. i don’t think they thought it through enough.

the only things they were thinking about is how can we screw all the COD players out of 50 dollars and where is the double xp weekends they used to have. now you have to wait til you get a prestige token just to even get a double xp and its only for 2 hours of gameplay.
I’m telling ya COD is getting really boring playing the same maps. they should have released the maps to elite members before anyone. then release it to the public so everyone can play the maps. anyway this is kind of long but it pretty much clear up my view on elite.

Gish2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

Got too overzealous with my clicking...

DwightOwen2442d ago

Anyone who bought this crap to begin with is an idiot.

Whore_Mouth2442d ago

I got the Hardened Edition so that I could get the maps at a discount, but I had no idea how broken the maps would be.

Also, Beachhead, the company in charge of Elite's online functionality are complete fuck ups and liars.