Gamespot - Dishonored: Exclusive First Look Preview

Gamespot writes, "There's often a correlation between the amount of fun you have in a game and the utter ridiculousness of its weapons. Saints Row: The Third has its dildo bat, BioShock has its swarm of bees, and Dishonored… well, Dishonored has rats. Lots and lots of terrifying, swarming, man-eating rats. There's really no greater way to vanquish your enemies than by having them devoured alive by 50 rats like they're giant, walking pieces of cheese. But maybe you don't think so. Maybe you'd rather see your foes steamed, frozen, or skewered with a crossbow bolt. Maybe you'd rather not kill anyone at all."

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Ashunderfire862440d ago

Didn't know this was already posted, cause it never said anything about me duplicating this post. Well I digress.

This game looks like a Bioshock open world type game, and you can even see the influence. I have a feeling this game will come out 2013.

sonicsidewinder2440d ago

Game i'm most excited for this year.