Gamestop is offering a $225 in trade in credit for PS3s

Looks like Gamestop is running a good deal for trading in PS3s right now. No matter the model, gamers can get $225 in trade in credit. This is a great deal if gamers want to upgrade from a fat model to a slim. Goozernation has the details.

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-MD-2388d ago

Title is misleading, you need 6500 "powerup reward points" for a coupon to take advantage of this.

Godchild10202388d ago

The author does mention that in the article. I bought a PS3 for 43 dollars last week and I think I will trade it in to get a brand new one.

ejohns302387d ago

Let me know if you did/were able to get the whole $225. It says on the site and the coupon that it "cannot be combined with any other offer"


Noticeably_FAT2388d ago ShowReplies(1)
kma2k2388d ago

I was excited until i saw the power up thing. My phat 40gb has been worying me this week the fans keep kicking into high gear when playing ME3 & it was 68f in my living room. For $25 i would go tonight to get a slim. I have a rewards card that ive never used & dont know anything about it, how hard is it to get 6500 points or whatever?

Godchild10202388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

you get 500 points for activating your card. You get 10 points per dollar when you buy new and 20 points per dollar when you buy used. 10% more points if you have the pro card.

If you bought or traded 300 dollars worth of prowned product you should have enough. You will need to have spent 650 dollars on new product to get 6,500 points.

If you have some of your old receipts, you can call the number on the back of your card and they should be able to credit you for those transactions.

Drabent2388d ago

How much I get for my xbox360?

josephayal2387d ago

i'm Thinking about trading in/selling my 60GB PS3, to get Shiny XBOX 360 4G with Kinect.

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