Inside Gaming Daily/Machinima review: Silent Hill: Downpour

The release of Silent Hill: Downpour marks a minor milestone in the 13 year-old series as there’s now as many Western-developed Silent Hill games as there are Japanese-developed installments. Many longtime fans have been slow to accept the ‘outsourced’ Silent Hills and my guess is that Downpour’s reception won’t be any different, as it’s been developed by Vetra Games. The Czech studio walks the same kind of thin tightrope that many Western studios have balanced when entrusted with a beloved Japanese property: It’s the challenge of providing a fresh experience while hitting all the familiar notes that will make the fans happy.

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ritsuka6662439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

lol I honestly wasnt expecting much about Silent Hill since the team of japan left this series.

SHM, Silent Hill hasn't been Silent Hill in a LONG time /=

n4gisatroll2439d ago

6.5? I've heard nothing but good things from this game from fans of the series. I'm going to ignore this review and most others, because I'm getting it tomorrow for my girlfriend regardless.