The Backlog: Silent Hill

Default Prime's Charles Battersby writes: "Among the treasures in my game collection is the first Silent Hill game from the original PlayStation. The one that doesn’t say “Greatest Hits” on the cover. I even own the soundtrack on CD. I was in on this series from the beginning, and I played through this smart, subtle take on survival horror over and over to ensure that I got so see every one of its multiple endings. When the PlayStation 2 showed up, I was excited about playing a sequel on that new-fangled new console. Event though I enjoyed Silent Hill 2, it wasn’t a true sequel, and I lost interest in the series. I’ve had Silent Hill 3 in my backlog for nine years, but haven’t tried it out of fear that it won’t recapture the same creepy joy I felt when playing the first game. With Silent Hill 2 & 3 being re-released later this month as a HD Collection, it’s the perfect time to pull out the old disks to see if these games actually warrant a HD re-release."

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