Kisai Seven LCD Watch AKA the Unofficial / Official Tron Watch

GamerFitNation’s BlackBible shows of the new Kasai Stencil by Toyko Flash Japan . The Kasai Stencil is the 5th concept to be created watch created by a fan and has made it a reality.

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lashes2ashes2469d ago

Cool watch but how is this game related.

adorie2469d ago

Tron was a game before a movie. :P

lashes2ashes2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

According to Wikipedia no it was not. Just double checked and no the movie was in development before the game was made, it just got released first.

adorie2469d ago

So, I'm supposed to know that off-hand? Doesn't matter, though. It's still game related.

lashes2ashes2469d ago

Normally if you make a statement you should make sure it's true. Plus it's not official tron related. So it is hardly game related, might as well let people post anything they think is slightly game related and n4g is more messed up than it is now.