Why I think Mass Effect 3 endings are terrible

Brian from provides his thoughts on the endings for Mass Effect 3, fan outcry and why the disappointment isn't just "arrogant" and "entitled" fans.


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ritsuka6662469d ago

OHHH, another this articles -___-

just stop aprove this please.

Adexus2469d ago

Or just don't click on them...

crxss2468d ago

@ritsuka666 i guesss, just because it's common knowledge that the endings are terrible haha.

99% of the complaints deal with the normandy crew being stranded. ending just doesn't make sense. how do your crew mates, who ran with you to the conduit, miraculously teleport back to the normandy... the eff bioware? it's also very contradicting to the arrival DLC (relays destroyed yet planetary systems still intact).

Dark112469d ago

sadly there is nothing we can do cuz gamers always bitch about games , and forget that the whole point from games is to enjoy playing it and have fun

now i understand when gamers complain about COD or DMC
but when people complain almost about every game out there is just ridiculous

Ardorme2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

It's not bitching. Especially because the ending for most people hinders the overall enjoyment of the game and the series in a lot of respects.

Games have evolved and shouldn't be seen as the same as playing a game of pong where you lose and move on.

All the time invested and characters we grow to become attached to is a wonderful thing and one of the things that makes video games amazing. This same connection has it's downside of course when we have situations like the endings of Mass Effect 3. They weren't what fans by large were expecting given their experiences and choices within Mass Effect 3 and the previous games.

I thought I explained that well enough. The outcry is more about how the endings feel forced and disconnected from the rest of the game.

I really don't get why when people are passionate and explain their displeasure with how things turned out it's "bitching".

It's the same as when someone offers a different opinion with an explanation as to why they feel that way it's labeled as trolling.

I don't understand why we can't encourage reasonable discussions on both sides of the argument (for the ending and against).

My take on this was written out of frustration for people that refuse to see why people are upset and simply write it off as entitlement or in Kotaku's case specifically, arrogance.

While the same controversy has been addressed by others before with their own unique viewpoints, I wanted to provide mine to help provide clarity on the subject.

Godmars2902469d ago

Probably little to no chance that Bioware will listen to what's essentially fanboy ranting about putting an effort into a plot, an ending, but maybe someone else will.

And really, when you promise and promote a game on the premise that choices made in the game add up and matter, the ending needs to show that.

Ardorme2469d ago

Exactly. While there is certainly a lot of overreaction and unnecessary personal attacks that make it worse for everyone happening within the Mass Effect community, if you take the time to look you'll see various well thought out and completely reasonable explanations on why the endings simply don't work for a vast majority of people.

It would help if instead of writing the entire thing off, the bigger news sites would try and showcase core issues instead of focusing on rage memes and "meaningless" petitions. I think Forbes has presented it very well which says a lot about dedicated gaming news sites.

crxss2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

game was amazing up until the laser hits you. guessing nobody at bioware wanted to speak up about how bad it was, afraid they'd lose their job.

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Rolento2469d ago

The endings are horrible because the games are horrible.

GAMExxOVER2469d ago

Am I the only one not bitching about Mass Effect 3?

omi25p2469d ago

Im not I love it, Best of the 3.. But I also haven't finished it yet.

Tex1172469d ago

Everybody says that...until they finish it.

TheColbertinator2469d ago

I loved Mass Effect 3 and started my 2nd file but yes the endings blew.

Robotronfiend2469d ago

I can usually ignore most of the internet uproar about things like this, but one comment from a friend really crystallized my worries/reservations about ME3.

"I never got chills."

He said he felt the writing didn't have the same maturity or punch as previous installments. Personally, I got chills in ME 2 when Shepard gave his big speech before fighting the human reaper. The story really got me a couple times, and him as well. But not once in ME3.

His overall reaction: Not bad. Clearly not up to ME1/2 standards as far as emotional impact from writing, but not a bad game.

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