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Mass Effect 3 has finally been released to the masses. This review focuses on the multiplayer game mode of Mass Effect 3, but GoozerNation also has a PC review available for readers.

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Dlacy13g2439d ago

I have to say I disagree on a whole with the author. I am not going to say that the coop mp is better or even as good as Gears Horde...but I have found it immesley sastisfying when played with friends. The fact that it can help out the SP campaign is a nice added plus. Its not required...but certainly makes you feel like there is purpose. Throw in the added benefit of taking a class to level 20 and "prestige" that class into an elite war asset in the SP game and you again have an added incentive. It is challenging at times...unfair at times...frustraitingly fun at forces team work and that ultimately is why I love the mode. No RAMBO run and need your squad to make it. To me...its not perfect, but its definitely a nice touch.

sikapwach2439d ago

Fair enough, I could see how playing with friends could make the game significantly more fun. I wasn't able to play with any friends and haven't yet seen how it ties in with the single player, so hopefully after I get through the campaign I will have a better opinion of it.