A Brief History Of Kart Racing Games

Jeff Masser (Modojo): Some fans think the kart-racing revolution officially began in 1992 with Nintendo's Super Mario Kart, but others say it started with Atari's 1982 classic, Pole Position, or even Crashing Race, a 1976 game by Taito.

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Relientk772408d ago

I love the Crash Team Racing and Mario Kart franchises most

LX-General-Kaos2408d ago

Mario Kart is by far my favorite kart racer. But Crash Team Racing was also a pretty fun game. So was Jack X even though it was not completely a kart racer, but you get the point.

Rated E For Everyone

dangert122408d ago

Why do we need to know the history when the best ever Kart Racer Is In the NOW MODNATION RACERS BABY!!!

thebudgetgamer2408d ago

What, no love for R.C. Pro-am?

M83_2403d ago

Double dash is still my favourite. The wii version is boring and too easy, it lacks the fun that mk64 and double dash had.