Retro Revisits: Final Fantasy VI

One More Level gaming blog takes a look back at Final Fantasy VI. SPOILERS ahead!

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Summons752441d ago

undoubtably the best final fantasy I actually just started to replay it.

Crystallis2441d ago

One of the best in the series.

SandwichHammock2441d ago

I really hope, but am doubtful, that Squenix give this the same treatment that they gave FFIV Complete on PSP.

specialguest2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

FF6 had one of the deepest experience for the series. It had so much story and variation of play, and each character were just as important as the next(except maybe Mog) For example, I started out playing as Locke who I innitially assumed was the main character. In later parts of the game, it was easy to forget to put Locke back into the line-up rotation due to the fact that the other characters were fun to use.

The deep customization ability which included equipments, relics, and even menu and save background was also one of the best part about the game.