Mass Effect 3: PS3 patch 1.02 causes friend separation

For those of you that downloaded the PSN (digital) version of Mass Effect 3, you will notice that you are prompted to download patch v1.02 before playing. Though this usually doesn’t cause any issues, it will prevent you from playing with your friends that own the physical copy.

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Ethereal2440d ago

The physical patch is probably right around the corner.

joydestroy2440d ago

i hope so! ran into this problem the other day and i believe a group of guys i play with during the week every day have the digital PS3 copy as well

kma2k2440d ago

I want a damn patch for the citadel quest where you are tracking the hanar diplomat. Come on bioware let me intereact with the damn termials already! I played Dragon Age 2 & was very unhappy with the laziness involved please for the love of god patch your damn game!