The Evolution of Nintendo and the Wii U Attitude

In the past, Nintendo has been notoriously stingy about helping third parties with...well, much of anything. But this time? This time they’re preempting their leap by not only asking for a bungee cord from the industry’s biggest anchors, but offering the best middleware licensing discount money can’t buy.

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Titanz2294d ago

Every Wii U article I read comments like, "what will the Wii U have that the other consoles won't?". Experienced gamers are suppose to know these things, yet people always have to educate them on the matter.

Like the article says - developers who produce niche products, will be attracted to the Wii U, because of its free middleware incentive. We might as well start calling the Wii U, "Super Wiitendo" at this point, cause its future looks promising.

Agent_hitman2294d ago

Let see what Wii u can do in the next generation of console while ps4 and 720 are not yet unveiled.

I'm very excited on what is the full specs of this hardware, hopefully it has 1gb or at least 2gb of memory to be able to compete with their competitor when it comes to visual prowless lol.

I can clearly see that this hardware will be have Quad core processor, and hopefully it has 3-4ghz of speed

Ck1x2293d ago

What a big incentive for sure! Its gotta generate quite a bit of WiiU development with free middleware from developers both larger and small alike

WiiUWiime2293d ago

Gonna b interesting to see what this console can do and will do for yrs to come! :)