Producer addresses Phantasy Star Online 2 PlayStation Vita concerns

Gematsu: "Phantasy Star Online 2 producer Satoshi Sakai has taken to the official Phantasy Star blog to address concerns surrounding the recently announced PlayStation Vita version of the the game."

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Gildarts2324d ago

how is this coming to PS Vita and not PS3 and Xbox 360?

Game4life2324d ago

because the vita is more sexy than the ps3 and 360

Snookies122324d ago

That is soooo true... I never thought I'd like a handheld more than my PS3, it happened though, it happened... -_-

Game4life2323d ago

it has not happened yet to me though i do love my vita. I think it will happenonce all the good games im waiting for come out and once remote play is activated

gtxgamer22324d ago

Wait, so will it have crossplay between vita an pc or no? an if not will vita still require P2P?

RufustheSage2323d ago

The only concern I have is about a release date!