Baldur's Gate website slightly updated, Atari has given the green light to this new project

DSOGaming writes: "A new Baldur’s Gate website went live a couple of weeks ago, suggesting that a new Baldur’s Gate game would be coming. Although there is nothing certain at this point, the website’s source code was updated a couple of days ago with some new quotes. Questions abound and no answers can be found as of yet. Are those new quotes addressed to the game’s fans or BioWare for abandoning the Baldur’s Gate franchise? "

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MrChow6662444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

whaaat? baldur's gate is back?? sry but I doubt that what BG 1&2 achieved could be replicated succesfully today, I would really like to play the classics on my ipad tho

Tonester9252444d ago

*Won't say anything about the iPad* lol

But, As long as the game releases with 4 PLayer Couch Co-op and similar gameplay of the last generation. It'll be fine.

MrChow6662444d ago

whats wrong with the ipad, imagine the games with touch control and portable

luoshuigui2444d ago

A Baldur's Gate HD would be nice, but do not try making a BG3, it's basically impossible to make a new game as good as the original BG series.

Elwenil2444d ago

It's very possible to make a game like that today. The problem is keeping the bean counters out of it so a great game can be made even if it's not going to be the next gazillion dollar seller. Some of the best PC games are the ones that stick to their concept and don't give in to trying to one up the competition or copy them.

maniacmayhem2444d ago

Is this the big announcement from Atari that was posted last week sometime?

BG 1 and 2 was some of the best PC playing I have ever had. Would love if they did the same for current consoles. Hell I wouldn't mind them remaking the originals.