Pachter: Wii U won't be as popular as Nintendo expects

Nintendo Universe writes:

Wedbush Morgan Securities video game analyst Michael Pachter has expressed his belief that the Wii U won’t be as popular as Nintendo expect, citing his previous statement that they’ve released it a few years too late.

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Ghost2502384d ago

just as long as i'm not forced to use motion controls in my games i don't care i'll shell out the money for the wii-u. i had a wii and hate'd it i just can't get into motion controls. same thing for kinect and playstation dildo.... oh i mean move.

Megaman_nerd2383d ago

true that man. Motion control work well with some games but not for most of them.

Cthuloid2383d ago

Mr. Pachter is getting more annoying with each new prophesy. Not that I disagree with this one mind...

Unlimax2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

this Damage as a result of playing much call of duty's to our current generation .. and beyond !

but i don't agree with you about "this one" !

Cthuloid2383d ago

Aye, that's fair. I'm not claiming to actually know anything of the sort; it's just that I believe replicating the Wii's smashing success can be very difficult indeed.

GamingTruth2383d ago

well with the stuff ive heard about ps4 and 720 if true hes right, it wont be as popular or anywhere near as popular as nintendo expects

Hisiru2383d ago

You are wrong. It's not about power. Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Smash bros, Mario Kart is all nintendo needs in order to have a popular system.

Yangus2383d ago

Pachter:Nibiru coming this year.
Its true.

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The story is too old to be commented.