Cut above: Witcher 2 teaches PC-to-console master class

CD Projekt RED looks set to provide a PC-to-console master class with the adaptation of The Witcher 2. Stace Harman goes hands-on and speaks to level designer Marek Ziemak.

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Somebody2468d ago

"Perhaps unsurprisingly, all of the extras that have been prepared for the 360 adaptation will also be delivered for the PC version, free of charge, ensuring that fans that have supported the studio from the beginning will feel as appreciated..."


For me personally, as a PC gamer, that's more important. I don't want just some free updates or some hardware melting effects for my version.

Just something, a token or sign, from the developer to show that they acknowledged our support all these time. Not simply leaving us out in the cold the moment some other hot stuff caught their eyes.

Simon_Brezhnev2468d ago

360 owners will find out that very little small choices in The Witcher 2 makes a big difference.

Captain Qwark 92468d ago

i hope so. i havent played it on pc but have been very much looking forward to giving it a go on 360. looks like an amazing game and they went really above and beyond for this port. they can happily have my 60 bones.

pr0digyZA2468d ago

You'll love it Qwark. It really is an amazing game. You won't want to leave the world, everything is so detailed. I cant wait for the 360 release so that I can get the free upgrade and play it again.

Somebody2468d ago

Hopefully you will, Qwark.