A New World Video Game Convention In Montreal Next Year

You've heard of E3? It looks like it might have some competition next year as Montreal prepares to host its first World Video Game Convention in 2013.

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Vinc3602440d ago

Did you read the article? This one isn't like GDC, it's a world video game convention that's consumer-oriented. GDC is very much about the devs.

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Moncole2440d ago

I wish I still lived in Montreal

Unbornkirkster192440d ago

i do too. Its an incredible city! Very nice people for the most part..

r212440d ago

as long as new games/surprises/tech demos are involved, im ok with this.

Cayoux2440d ago

We need a big event open to all on the East coast. Montreal is just perfect for that. A fantastic bridge between Europe and USA.