Vote: Best Mario Game Ever - Round 1

Nintendo Enthusiast:
"We already had one tournament taking place over December/January to decide which game is the Best Zelda Ever. We had a lot of success with over 600 votes in the final round so we decided it’s soon time to settle the next universal question that plagues the human condition: What is the Best Mario Game Ever?

Yes, I know you began sobbing as soon as you heard the question, because choosing one over the other is a heart-wrenching decision like no other. But, we must do it. To save humanity. So help us explore metaphysics and science. Together we will plumb the depths of the Dire Dire Docks. We will climb the highest dancing hills of the Mushroom Kingdom and examine their creepy eyeballs. We will let no Yoshi or Fire Flower go unnoticed. And together we will decide upon the Best Mario Game Ever!!"

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Snookies122441d ago

Super Mario World, enough said. I loved Mario 64, Mario 3, but damn it all... I could play Super Mario World over and over and over again.

Menashe2441d ago

Absolutely agreed. I always loved Super Mario World over Super Mario Bros 3 and all the others. I spent more hours of my childhood on SMW than any other game. Granted Mario 64 captured my fascination as it introduced 3D gaming to me. I loved the difficulty challenge of Super Mario Sunshine. And the variety and creativity in the Galaxy games was very refreshing. But nothing beats Super Mario World.

PSVITAlitysensor2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the best.

Super Mario Bros is the most loved...

browngamer412441d ago

You guys beat me too it..Super Mario World for me too..

EvilTwin2441d ago

Overall, I suppose SMB3 for me.

Toughest choice this round has to be SMB vs. SM64. I think I've gotta give the nod to SMB, though. Heresy, I know, but if you're giving me only one of those two games to play, I'm going with the original NES masterwork.

godzilla722441d ago

Im gonna have to say Mario 64 for me! I dunno, that game just changed my life towards games, and ive been playing them since Atari and Colecovision days! Countless days and nights playing nonstop. Never felt that kind of experience again in a game.

deno2441d ago

Super mario world 3 for me. I also have a taste for mario sunshine.

Menashe2441d ago

It seems Super Mario Sunshine is a unique taste because it certainly doesn't get enough love.

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