Game nearly over

UK free daily newspaper - Metro reports on the worsening situation for the Game Group. following recent snubs from EA and Capcom the company now appears to be up for sale in a bid to stave off the inevitable.

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AusRogo2440d ago

They were expensive compared to jb hifi here in aus anyway , so meh. Feel sorry for people who will lose jobs if it happens though.

spenn20102440d ago

Is gamestop next? i know they gave me 20.00 and 15.00 USD for left for dead 2 and Madden 2012. Those buy back prices are never that high for these two types of games.

Whats going on can anyone that works for these companies explain....

Bagogames2440d ago

Gamestop are doing just fine and will probably buy out Game in the near future and use their stores as their UK branch, they pulled out due to currency inflations. I worked for Gamestop once and a local manager was adamant that although their store was closing the local Game would probably be converted to a Gamestop by 2013.

irepbtown2440d ago

No problem with Gamestop I think.

The only other worry is Gamestation. Since it's owned by Game (or vice versa).
We'll have to see in the upcoming months.

Anarki2439d ago

The prices of the games in Game are just stupid. They charge way more than their competition and expect us to pay it too.

Kurt Russell2439d ago

I bought 4 games for £8 in game this weekend.


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demetre722439d ago

Are seriously kidding me the Deals I got from Game where a million times better the JB-hifi

Jb-hifi are a rip with no deals going !!! there recent inclusion list gimmick is a joke

Meh all the way to Jb-hifi

bunfighterii2439d ago

They were good a couple of years ago. Their prices were on par with JB, and I thought the service was better and they have a better, more fleshed out online store. That said, I had noticed them raising their prices to the point I stopped buying games from them, although I did pre-order my Vita with all the trimmings through GAME, simply because Vita stuff costs the same everywhere. Shame to see them go though.

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MGRogue20172440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

I'm currently looking for a job myself.. It's going to make it so much harder now that an additional 10,000 people are going to be searching as well.. *sigh* just great..

M83_2440d ago

Try being Irish, where nobody wants you unless you have a third level degree and 4+ years experience!
At 17 I can't even get my foot in the door. More time for drinking I suppose.
This doesn't look good for the old alco stereotype!lol

Pyscho_Mantis2440d ago

maybe you should go to university or take home course instead on these forums or drinking all the time. Seriously if your going to complain at least make it reasonable.

DragonKnight2440d ago

And where would the money for his education come from eh? Despite what your obvious response would be, some don't want to be in debt to the government for the rest of their lives whilst trying to better themselves. At 17 he should be able to get basic "first" jobs, but if he's having troubles doing so (not surprising considering the economy) it has nothing to do with where he spends his leisure time.

Wintersun6162440d ago

I feel you man. I'm from Finland though but sometimes I feel like you have to be 20 years old with a 3rd degree and 10 years of work experience plus a driver's license for a frickin space shuttle to even get to an interview for a job.

M83_2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

I'm on a year out because the biomedical engineering course I want to do would be too strenuous for a 17 year old (around 44 hours a week) I want to go crazy and get a bit of that out of my system before I get bogged down with such a huge workload.
I'm not complaining but it would be good to get my ass some work until september!lol

Bagogames2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

What's being Irish got to do with it? I'm Irish and I'm employed full time as a Paramedic. Stick your arse down for a university course and stop moaning.

Taking a year out is also probably the most stupid thing you could have done by the way, I've no idea who told you to do it but good luck getting back in the system.

M83_2440d ago


I couldn't give a fuck if you're fully employed. I've been trying to get a job since last september but they're just not there. I hate when teenagers get accused of being lazy when there is just nothing going.
Who are you to lecture me about what to do. You're completely wrong.
In fact this year out has been great for me because I actually sorted a lot of things out, matured and enjoyed spending time with my friends without the stress of starting a crazy difficult course when I wasn't ready for it.

MagicAccent2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

That's the most brainless thing I've read on the internet today. Congratulations.

irepbtown2440d ago

People who have got degrees are struggling. It is all over the news. Over a million young people are looking for work.

Even IF you go to University, and get your degree, it's still close to impossible to get a job.
Shit economy!!!

CDbiggen2440d ago

Are you guys seriously having this debate? On N4G?

Solid_Snake372439d ago

i feel ya bro. They all expect us to have 10 years+ experience, which is stupid since i just graduated

bunfighterii2439d ago

Put on a British accent and say you went to Eaton.

Wintersun6162439d ago


To be honest, the more this topic is discussed, the better. True, this might not be the correct place for it, but it's not entirely off topic in this case..

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redDevil872440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Everytime i see that phrase i think of Aliens lol.

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Open Zone 2012# Bring back the open zone

StayStatic2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Managed to get Resistance 2 for 48p (2.98 - 2.50 reward points) :D

TooTall192439d ago

Best 48p you ever spent.

IM_A_MARVEL2440d ago

Just imagine the closing down bargains if things play out the way they seem to be going!

Sashamaz2440d ago

I know right! Man I am looking forward to that day, starting to save up now, only two weeks left to find out.

Kurisu2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

I think I am going to refund my extended warranty for my Vita when I go to GAME on Thursday. I was checking the details last night and you have 45 days to do so. Dont want them to close and have me sitting on a wasted payment. I will put the money towards a game.

Beeeaans2440d ago

This is why the stock market collapsed in 1929 lol

NBT912440d ago

Haha! You have the right idea there, my friend.
thousands loosing their jobs? Bitch please, cheap games!!!