Assassin's Creed writer: "We want to give Desmond the conclusion he deserves"

The writers on the Assassin’s Creed franchise have commented on Desmond’s fate, stating that he “deserves a conclusion”.

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LightofDarkness2293d ago

Well, considering how boring and seemingly pointless his interaction has been thus far, I guess he "deserves" a conclusion like this:

Desmond is told that everything's pretty much done on his end; they were frankly expecting more and it turns out they don't really need his help any more, if this is the wealth of his contribution. Puzzled and slightly disappointed, Desmond walks home, knowing the most exciting thing that would ever happen to him is over. He picks up some Chinese food on the way and relaxes on the couch watching the Kardashians. Fin.

Now the game moves on to an awesome new protagonist and forgets all about this whole time travelling/memory re-living deal and focusses on interesting things.

Pushagree2293d ago

How about giving him a voice/personality that he deserves too. He pretty much Nathan Drake in sweats...

iamnsuperman2293d ago

I agree. Desmond has been a very undeveloped character but from what we have been shown he has one purpose and that will be concluded at the end of this it would be boring if his ending was happy and he just go ton with his life. It makes more sense that he dies

Sashamaz2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

“In a perfect world, we will be able to conclude his story. He will take his place amongst the other major characters in our universe, as someone who is referenced and alluded to."

I think she is saying they can't kill him. Money first people :)

ZeroChaos2293d ago

So basically they're going to kill him?

Why must all game stories always try and kill the main character at the end of it? That's just lazy writing in my eyes.

NeoTribe2293d ago

How bout he has a heart attack and dies so we can put an end to this repetative rehashed game.

pbasson2293d ago

Seeing how pointless any of Desmonds parts have been through out the series, we need a new & better hero.