New Humble Indie Pack spotted in Steam's registry

DSOGaming writes: "A new Humble Indie Pack has appeared on Steam’s registry, suggesting that a new pack is already on its way."

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maawdawg2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

The Humble Bundles are great. You get good games at a discount, the devs get some support, and you can give a bit to charity. I will be grabbing this next one for sure.


Anyone who likes the Humble Bundle should check out Indie Gala Bundle, it is the same thing basically and is available right now. Good games (plus indie music albums), a great price (as little as like $8 for $120 in games), easy to gift to friends, supports charity, etc.

Buy either of these bundles for yourself and buy/pass copies to your friends. Don't cheap out an pay $1 or something either, you are already getting a crazy deal there is no reason to kick sand in the face of generous devs and a charity.