Now Mass Effect 3 players petition for film grain

Mass Effect 3 players have now begun petitioning BioWare to restore the series film-grain effect, which was removed for the series’ conclusion.

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ThichQuangDuck2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

How about petitioning for more

Spoiler tag I guess

Cutscene Endings since they give you so much choice up until the end then they give up

Army_of_Darkness2467d ago

Makes me wonder how this game has been getting so much 9's and 10's?!?!

shammgod2467d ago

No doubt! There is a pattern developing here!

krazykombatant2467d ago

the film grain gave it a certain feel in the past 2 games, and could be removed if you didn't want it... I don't see why they just took it off in the first place.

It helped with the atmosphere in my opinion, but seriously though, seems silly to petition for that.

The endings i can't say but cuz i haven't played it, but it seems that the majority of people that have put their time and money over the past 2 games are not happy with how the "choice freedom" played out. So that's just what I have to say. I personally just want to get the game and finish the story. Its been true test of my will to not read any spoiler tags and but so far I've kept my virgin eyes away from spoilers about me3.

ChrisW2467d ago

Every time I play a game, I immediately shut off things like film grain, motion blur, and depth of view.

They do nothing but detract from the experience for me.

crimsonfox2467d ago

Jesus mass effect fangirls are the worst. dude everyday there is something new they complain about.

xflo3602467d ago

Exactly! Though to b honest thats the problem with most gamers today, its all moan moan moan instead of actually enjoying gaming! Its sad

FutureTechnologies2467d ago

Maybe they found that ME3 was extremely overrated and feel stupid that they listened to the paid reviews.

Bigbangbing2467d ago

a petition for an ugly ass filter...

PhantomTommy2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

Aww sweet another petition, awesome, let's petition them to make the game again from scratch so it appeals to these spoiled idiots.

closnyc2467d ago

shit, no wonder it looked so crappy, they took the fil grain out from the first, bioware, you are so wahckkkk

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The story is too old to be commented.