Let’s Excitedly Request Dark Souls PC Again

RPS: So, let’s see here. Gap between console release and potential PC release, assuming six months of porting work? Just over a year. Alan Wake took six decades and still managed to make a profit within about ten minutes.

It was also ported by a third party who seemed to have a good understanding of how to do a PC port justice, so we could even not-nag if it turned out Ultimate Edition Super Dark Souls was being worked on externally, right? It’s all so simple when I use one example from the recent past and have zero understanding of Namco’s operations, so why can’t they see it too?

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MysticStrummer2105d ago

Just started the game again on PS3. Awesome game and my GotY last year over Skyrim, UC3, Portal 2, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Hope you PC folks get it, despite the fact that some of you troll console articles with your tech talk, which no one but you cares about.

Mrmagnumman3572105d ago

you know, i got to say it... U MAD BRO ?

bobrea2105d ago

Do your part and help that horrible joke die.

caboose322105d ago

lol. Don't act like it's our fault that you're completely ignorant of computer tech.

yeahokchief2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

Yeah I agree. It was my goty for last year.

Just grow up and spend a measly few dollars on a Ps3 for one of the best experiences of your life. This is pathetic.

With the amount of hours you spend crying you could have gone out, got a job and bought 10 copies of this masterpiece. So unless you plan on eating can after can of dog food until your tears smell like dogfood and one of the developers who worked his hands to the bone making such a fantastic game locked up starving in a cage(thats how they get them to make the game so unapologetic and depriving)is released into the wild to create a PC version and is drawn to your pool of dogfood tears then I suggest you go buy the game.

I forget where I was going with this, but it probably made more sense than this article. I wish you the best of luck in finding some common sense and decency.

dirthurts2105d ago

This is a game that screams pc release.
Honestly, when the game hit shelves I just assumed it was on PC and was pretty disappointing when I found out it wasn't...

NYC_Gamer2105d ago

Dark Souls is one of the best modern rpgs that should be released on all platforms.Instead of crap from the new Bioware.

yeahokchief2105d ago

Mods would ruin the game because they went for strict control with rules. PC games are more about breaking the rules and creating your own experiences. It doesn't fit well AT ALL with Dark Souls. It's a very different experience and I don't think you're disciplined enough for it.

It's probably best that this game stays on console as much as i'd like to see it succeed further. Usually when games give up their artistic vision and go mainstream they turn to shit. I guess just the way it works.

YoungKingDoran2105d ago

late reply, but whatever.
please dont tell me i am not disciplined enough for it, because really, you dont know me, and who are you in my life but some anonymous internet guy. you dont care what i think, and i dont care what you think. suppose thats why most on here are jerks. including myself.

that said not only are the souls games two of my favourite games ever, if you want to use a game breaking mod, thats your own perogative. but to say that all mods would ruin the game is ridiculous. i dont want overpowered weapons or armour. i want new locales, and maybe some cool enemies. the game itself and the mods would be a different beast altogether.

yeahokchief2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

Hrm. I can agree with new enemies and areas. I'd buy dlc for this game and I didn't buy any dlc for a single game last year. Gotta respect how they released the FULL GAME and the Collector's Edition was quality. It's a shame that we have to commend such honest behavior instead of it just being a standard, but that's where gaming is headed thanks to companies like gamestop.

In the next Souls game it might be cool if other people literally invade a world you create and try to kill your boss. Killing another player's boss could give you more stuff too add to your own dungeon. This way, you'd be given the creative control that you so desire while still having an experience controlled by the developer.

DS has some serious replay value to the point where it doesn't need mods. It has more replay value than Skyrim and Skyrim has mods. It's more replayable because there's much stronger gameplay. It never becomes mindless or repetitive. You're always on your toes. Even moreso in new game plus.

I am heavily against anything that would help make the game less attention demanding, challenging or easier. Anything like that would make it boring. I wouldn't want to see stuff like UI mods in a souls game either. That would deter from the core experience as well by making it more accommodating and easier. Souls games are supposed to be more about suffering and pain. If you never have to suffer losing hours of progress then you have not experienced a souls game. The risk reward is crucial to the core of the game and what even makes it replayable. The ability to use savestates would ruin this game for everyone who didn't use savestates because then you're just an idiot for not using them. You're trying to force your pc game schematic onto this game as if it was some random rpg. If you really cared about the core experience, you'd just shut up and stop trying to force something that doesn't fit. If you want to create something then go play minecraft.

They'll need to focus on making it cater even less to the players for the next game now that we've experienced the first couple games. I want a big new "fuck you" obstacle that every player can brag about overcoming and tell stories about how they did it. That's gaming. For example, you look at Dark Souls news and lots of reviewers and journalists write about their experience with the O+S boss or curse frogs.

Overall, I say screw mods for DS. Souls is more about learning to deal with your environment than controlling it.

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