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Machinarium Review - Explosion.com

Robots are cool! Some have death rays and machine guns for arms. Others have superhuman strength and rockets for feet. But a few are just harmless little machines with few special powers. Such is the hapless hero of the indie adventure game Machinarium. (iPad, iPhone, Machinarium, PC) 8.5/10

Orpheus  +   1208d ago
This game was really great , music , animation , story .... only thing is the puzzles are really tuff ........ but still highly recommended.
pandaboy  +   1208d ago
I'm just waiting for it to go on a steam sale because I'm cheap :)
Orpheus  +   1208d ago
If u get it ... if you want to u can get other games from the same developer , samorost 1 , samorost 2, hamlet ..... but none of them is as good as machinarium ...... but did u check into steam ??? cos i think it might already be in steam.
pandaboy  +   1208d ago
yes it is on steam, just not on sale :)

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