UK Charts: Mass Effect 3 Is Number One

GodisaGeek: "As you’d expect, Mass Effect 3 dominates the chart, hitting the top spot with ease. SSX manages to retain the second spot (perhaps thanks to some heavy advertising) whilst Street Fighter X Tekken takes third place."

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JebusF2466d ago

Shock Horror, Mass Effect outsells everything week one! :-D

Quite surprised to see SSX beat out SF x Tekken though. Then again, a few years ago I'd have been amazed to see a fighter like SF x Tekken even existing, let alone in the top 3 of the UK sales charts on debut week.

360GamerFG2466d ago

Street Fighter is fatigued thats why.

2466d ago
360GamerFG2466d ago

5 games? What 5 games?? Street fighter has had street fighter iv, super street fighter iv, super street fighter iv arcade, capcom (street fighter) vs marvel 3, ultimate capcom vs marvel 3, street fighter vs tekken
Lets not forgot all the street fighter 2 hd remixes and such.
There's pretty much been one or 2 new street fighters every year since sf4

vikingland12466d ago

I started this game saturday and I am 16 hrs in and enjoying it alot.

susanto12282465d ago

Yah but the word is out...expect a massive discount for Mass Effect 3 in about a month or so.....