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The most frustrating thing about Silent Hill Downpour isn’t the lousy combat, dull exploration, or even the technical gaffes. It’s the fact that every now and then while playing through the game’s story, you’ll see signs of brilliance; sunlight hinted from behind the overcast sky. From the Otherworld sequences to the interesting protagonist as well as the way the very town itself is molded to Murphy’s past all make for a game that could’ve really been something special for the series. However, all of the aforementioned issues play their role in making Downpour an unfun, disappointing experience.

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DaveMan2465d ago

Scores 4.5...looks at review site...closes out of said review site....waits for an actual review, from an actual review site -_-

moegooner882465d ago

Gamespot gave it a 7.5, and suggested that survival horror fans must get, can't wait

Rikitatsu2465d ago

If IGN hates it, it must be good.

Words to live by.

DaveMan2465d ago

Yeah and Jim Sterling who is also noteably harsh for all games gave this a 8.

No offense to IGN, but after the God Hand, Deadly Premonition, and I am Alive dibocale I can't trust that site anymore.

The reviewer doesn't even appropriately explain why he gave such a harsh score. I get poor visuals, I get clunky combat, I get some technical issues here and there, hell I even get the dull exploration...but, really, isn't that what SH so loveable in the first place?

The broken combat, the exploration, the not always pitch perfect graphics.

Honestly, and I'm not saying this because I'm some hardcore SH fan, it simply sounds like this guy doens't care for the survial horror genre, nor is a big fan of Silent Hill, and merely played this game to get his paycheck for the review.

gaden_malak2465d ago

Silent Hill has never had good combat in my opinion.

But usually i am crapping myself and running away.

AntoineDcoolette2465d ago

I'll take this with a grain os salt and rent the game for myself. Silent Hill games typically always scored lower than average despite their massive cult following

LastDance2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

yeah....coz silent hill would be better if the combat was more like bayonetta.

Seriously - why dont they detract points from GT5 for having some cars with piss pour steering in it.

Having said that, im sure the American devs didn't even come close to grasp what silent hill is suppose to be either way

guitarded772463d ago

I just want to add (now that I got it and have played some) that this review is officially s#!t. The game has some issues with screen tearing, but it's pretty damn good so far. Already had a couple scares. No it's not the most beautiful game ever, but it makes up for it with the creepy environment. I'm not saying the game is a 10 or anything, but 4.5 is ridiculous.

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floetry1012465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

Well said.

CynicalVision2465d ago

It's funny how many people will their nose up at a review site just because they're not happy with the score that's given.

If IGN had scored the game 9/10 I'm sure we'd be seeing comments such as "nice one" "IGN rule for reviews".

guitarded772464d ago

Maybe, but the way the review goes, it sounds more like a 6-7. There are no major technical complaints and the game is not broken, so why the 4.5. A 4.5 is usually reserved for an awful game, and the reviewer never said the game was awful... just a let down in some areas for him. If the game was broken, it would justify the score, but the score does not reflect the review... so IGN seems to be off here.

ritsuka6662465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

No suprise...i called this Konami!

What is WRONG with the developers?
SH1 was the best horror ever.SH2.SH3 is also very very great,and when everything starts to become bad!!

"the Korn theme song likely isn’t for everyone. The voice work is hit and miss."

it is without question that with Akira Yamaoka gone, the atmosphere is going to take a heavy hit in this crap game.

FEARprototype2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

i don't mind when someone have an opinion. however, if its based on instinct, i can't really take you seriously.
i played this game and it deserve a 7.9, hell! even 8 will do!
fan if silent hill will give it 8.5 or even 9.
its good to have an educated opinion^^

ritsuka6662465d ago

Nahh, the game is bad bro, and this game looks nothing like Silent Hill series...

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acemonkey2465d ago

i never played any of the Silent Hills was going to pick up HD collection...but i dont think i will try any of the newer games

ShAkKa2465d ago

You should, Homecoming was severely underrated.

jc485732465d ago

I'm not hating, but I did watch a little "walkthrough" video. I could tell they are trying to go back to SH roots, but maybe Downpour is a little too traditional. It plays pretty slow compared to all the SH games I've seen so far. The characters are somewhat uninspiring with ok voice overs.

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