Atomic: YOU are to blame for the lack of variety in games

Atomic: Developers are starting to say that gamers need to learn their place. We take a look at what that place should be...

"But despite the potential harshness of their phrasing, they’re both right, to a point. Gamers are not producers, and the general public’s venomous anti-day-one-DLC stance that's been adopted to date clearly isn’t working. In the same breath, gamers ultimately hold all the power; and it’s not just in their wallets, either."

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GraveLord2468d ago

No, I'm not. I buy games I like and if this means there will be clones of said-games, so be it.

NachosWithCheese2468d ago

That's all well and good as long as you don't care about the fact that there's a lack of innovation in games. If you don't, that title still applies to you but it doesn't carry any negative connotations with it.

Frankfurt2468d ago

Haha. You contradict your own argument and doesn't even realize it.

You are the EXACT kind of person that is to blame.

vortis2468d ago

Well said, good piece. Too bad it's falling on deaf ears.

This industry's press system is straight-up broken and all the big-wigs completely avoid doing any kind of investigative journalism.

I mean, the whole on-disc DLC thing turned out to be true for ME3 but it wasn't like Kotaku or IGN or Gamespot was breaking the news.

They'll probably gloss over it and make it like gamers are just paranoid and cheap.

It's sad because the article is right...gamers need to unite and be rational, understanding and logical about demanding change but it seems like every attempt is met with stonewalling from trolls on the opposite side telling gamers NOT to feel entitled and not to ask for change.

It's really sad. I just wish gamers could stop arguing with each other long enough to work together, not like a PUG team in WoW, or a lousy British + Brazilian team in Horde mode in Gears of War, nor as a bronze + gold team in APB: Reloaded, but as a unified group of gamers who just want what's best for the industry. Sorry I couldn't provide a decent co-op game for reference because sadly most gamers don't work well together in large groups.

RandomDude6552468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

Heavy Rain, Little Big Planet, demon's souls all sold around 2 million (maybe DS was a bit less). Don't whine because you work for an unoriginal game company that doesn't take chances.

It wouldn't't surprise me if Flower and Braid did pretty well too.

Bathyj2468d ago

Its all well and good to say if you arent happy with the way a publisher treats you, you should vote with your wallet, but what if your want the game, but just think first day DLC is a ripoff.

You dont want to condone the practice, but you dont want to miss out on the game either.

I'm all for principals, but if I want something, then I'll get it, and voice my displease with certain aspects of it in other ways. I wouldnt miss out on a game I'd been waiting 2 years for because I found out they were trying to gouge you on DLC. Its your right to not buy it. I'd just take the good with the bad.

closnyc2468d ago

witcher 2, all indie games on PC, are examples of small companies that take risks and know and care about their audience. Even if witcher 2 was meant to come out on xbox as well, they made sure the pc version was awesome and now they are making sure the xbox version is awesome as well. They ake their time to know their audience and love what they do. We may take some of the blame, but only to a certain extent since it is money that drives the developers to make the choices they make. It is bioware who said "we want those COD numbers", it is EA who wanted BF3 to top MW3 (beyond and above the call), It is activision who send the same game every year knowing people will buy it like robots, it is capcom that puts DISC LOCKED CONTENT as DLC and charges 15 bucks for it. None of these companies have revolutionized anything. They are lacking intelligence as well as a creative mind. They are all corporations and we are feeding them with our wallets. CDP didnt seem to have an issue with selling a DRM free game, with free DLC
knowing it got pirated 4.5 million times and only sold 1.5 million. Developers are getting greedy, gamers are getting hungry for more since they are being cut off from it and this turns into a vicious cycle where in the end, we lose our money, they get our money and get away with it.

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