First Phantasy Star Online 2 PS Vita screenshots

SEGA released the first Vita-specific screenshots of Phantasy Star Online 2.

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Shok2465d ago

Bet this'll encourage people to buy the 3G version.

Skate-AK2465d ago

Why is that? You can't play multiplayer over 3G.

Shok2465d ago

You can't? What's the point of the 3G then? Just so I can go on FB like I can on my phone?

banjadude2465d ago

I believe, [primarily] Near functionality and leader board stuff.

gtxgamer22465d ago

This is such a tease knowing the game is only 10% done =[

fei-hung2465d ago

Just the other day i was thinking about the good ol' Dreamcast and how awesome PSO was and how I would love it on the Vita and then I see this. Yeah baby!!!! I cannot wait for this. All Sega need to do now is release a new hack n slash revamped Shinobi game that is fully fleshed out unlike the ps2 outing and a Wonder Boy and Alex the Kidd to go with it :p

catfrog2465d ago

i want to be able to play on my ps3, vita and pc, same server and character for each platform

AWBrawler2465d ago

They done sold me a damn Vita!!! Do want! DO WANT!!!

theeg2465d ago

still with the jaggies.....grrrr

hope next gen consoles actually implement some ant aliasing that works.

i hate jaggies with a passion, thats the main reason i game 95% on pc.

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The story is too old to be commented.