Capcom's Christian Svensson puts all 'Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3X' rumors to rest

DSOGaming writes: "A couple of days ago, Neogaf’s user ‘cednym’ informed everyone about a supposedly new version of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. According to cednym, his local GameStop shop had a listing for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3X. That new version of UMVSC 3 would feature 8 new challengers and would be priced at $14.99 as a DLC and at $39.99 as a packaged disc version. Naturally, fans asked Capcom whether those rumors were true or not and Capcom’s Christian Svensson went ahead and answered to them."

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acemonkey2442d ago

lolzzzzz capcom is the best....not

MizTv2442d ago

we all know its coming

meowthemouse2442d ago

Yeah 3x isn't coming but X3 is

hazelamy2442d ago

and he'd never lie right? >_>