David Cage Is Feeling Ambitious For Next Quantic Dream Game

GR writes: "Quantic Dream is one of the most unique studios on the planet. Not only do they only churn out a game on an average of once every four years (the complete opposite of Call of Duty), but the games they create are inventive and reach for places that very few developers are willing to go. As such, they don't follow the trends of most development studios, and a recent interview makes that even more apparent."

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JonnyBigBoss2446d ago

I loved Heavy Rain so I can't help but be excited. I kind of hope it's a sci-fi game...

StrongMan2446d ago

That's why Sony is number one with gamers because they are the only one out of the big three thats backs ambition and innovation.

alexcosborn2446d ago

I can't wait to see what Quantic Dream's next project is! I loved Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain - so unique and totally unlike anything else out there.

DaReapa2446d ago

"David Cage Is Feeling Ambitious For Next Quantic Dream Game"
If "Kara" is any indication, then he should be.

dbjj120882446d ago

Certainly hope they're feeling ambitious after that tech demo.

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