Review: I Am Alive is intense, thrilling, and a little boring, all at the same time (GamesBeat)

This survival game really sticks with you, from its implied rape scenes to the intense ways it handles something as simple as climbing a wall.

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barefootgamer1601d ago

This game looks interesting, but I'm not sure I can handle a game with such punishing difficulty. I still haven't beaten Dark Souls! ;)

Tolkoto1601d ago

A little boring can help between bouts of thrilling.

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SybaRat1601d ago

Meh. Cool platforming. Crappy everything else.

neogeo1601d ago

If by a little boring they mean like in fallout 3 when your just taking a walk then count me in. I like breaks from the action a lil bit. Gives me time to enjoy the graphics and sound.

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